The Benefits of a Professional Risk Management Program

Compliance – A thorough audit will identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement. You will comply with the WHS and other relevant laws and standards as per the scope of Audit.

  • know your legal duties
  • implement appropriate company and staff safety systems

Recognition Industry and consumer recognition of highest safety standards

Avoid prosecution/conviction

Avoid costs associated with non-compliancehefty fines (up to $3M for entities and $600K for Individuals & even Jail terms up to 5 years), prosecution, enforceable undertakings, legal and administrative costs of injuries.

Save money – reduce incidents and injuries and save on claims, shut downs, lost time and productivity, WorkCover and other Insurance premiums.

Business Improvement – improve reporting and recording, communication, training, policies, procedures and systems of work, and therefore worker morale and business value.

*Insurance eligibility may be improved, and concessions may apply for maintaining an ongoing recognised Industry Specialist Risk Management Program. 

*Insurance terms are at the discretion of the Underwriter